Payment and costs
1. An advert will be suspended from the Gower Holidays website if the invoice is not settled by:
a) the renewal date if the invoice is for the renewal of an existing advert or
b) within 14 days of the invoice date, if the invoice is for new work to existing adverts or new adverts. However, if you do not wish to renew your advert, please contact us in advance of the renewal date.   

2. Reinstatement of the advert will then incur an additional £22 charge in respect of administration. 

3. The fees payable for advertising are quoted for a full 12 month period.  No short term advertising is accepted.  E.g. If you only want to advertise for 3 months, the full annual fee is still applicable.

4. If you decide to remove your advert for a temporary period and then reinstate it again, reinstatement of the advert will then involve an additional £22 charge in respect of administration.

5. All web addresses e.g. www.myweb.co.uk are renewed 3 months prior to expiration to ensure continuity.  If Gower Holidays has purchased a web address on your behalf and you no longer require it, you must let Gower Holidays know as soon as possible.  If your web address has already been renewed for a further two years, you will be liable to pay Gower Holidays the costs that Gower Holidays has incurred with renewal.

6. Prices quoted for advertising stages 1 and 2 assume that all data (photos and text) will be provided to Gower Holidays in digital format.  In the event that Gower Holidays has to compose the text that constitutes the advert, a charge will be levied.  This fee will be based upon the hourly rate (or part thereof).

7. Prices quoted for the renewal of advertising stages 1 and 2 (including any additional extras for stage 2) take into consideration that minor alterations may need to be carried out during the year.  Up to three minor alterations are included in the renewal fee (e.g. change of one photo, change of price range, addition or change of a small part of text, minor change to a booking form), but major alterations (e.g. changing all the text within an advert or most/all of the photos or most of a booking form) will incur an additional fee that will be based upon the hourly rate (or part thereof).

8. One visit to a client’s property is provided free of charge – this may be when the advert is set up, or to take photos for the advert.  Successive visits to the same property will incur a fee to cover travelling time and motoring expenses.  This fee will be based upon the hourly rate (or part thereof) plus travel expenses.

Provision of advertising

9. Stage 1 adverts incorporate a landscape orientation thumbnail photograph (a photo where the width is greater than the height) of the exterior of the property and up to 270 characters (including spaces and punctuation) of text and a link to a stage 2 advert with Gower Holidays.

10. Any weakening of the relationship between links pointing from the Gower Holidays website relative to those links pointing to the Gower Holidays website may have an adverse impact upon Gower Holidays’ search engine rankings. As a result, if you have your own commercial website which you want to link into your advert, then a link must be added to
https://www.gowerholidays.com from your website.

11. If you own multiple properties then you can choose between an advert per property, or if you reference more than one property within a single advert, then the price will be that of the advert plus 50% per additional property mentioned within the advert. Where a property owner has more than one property, Gower Holidays will not allow them to advertise only one of those properties, as there is the potential of taking bookings for the other properties from that advert and this would be unfair to existing clients.

12. A stage 2 advert incorporates up to 20 photos, a video, a Google map, up to 8 reviews, price list, vacancies calendar and links to your social media accounts and as much plain text as you wish.  References to other residential establishments that are not advertised with Gower Holidays are not allowed.

13. Gower Holidays will not allow external agencies to advertise as it would be unfair to existing clients.  Gower Holidays will not link to any website which links to other external property advertising agencies as there is the potential of taking bookings for the other properties from that advert and this would be unfair to existing clients.

14. If a client of Gower Holidays develops their own agency after taking out advertising with Gower Holidays, then Gower Holidays has the discretion to terminate the contract immediately with no refund of monies or to refuse to renew the advert at the renewal date.

15. The visibility of your advert is provided on a best endeavours basis.  Gower Holidays cannot guarantee that the website will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as the hosting is with a third party and from time to time there may be some downtime due to system maintenance or failure.  Gower Holidays will do everything within its powers to make sure that any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

16. These terms and conditions may be altered by Gower Holidays at any time.  Notification of changes will be made by posting the new terms and conditions on the website and will become effective as of that date.  A copy will be emailed to all clients with an email address and posted out by Royal Mail to those who do not have email. 

17. This document should be read in conjunction with the Gower Holidays Privacy Policy.

Last updated: 01/10/19