Nicholaston Burrows is much quieter than the Western end of Oxwich Bay because of its relative isolation. It takes maybe 15-20 minutes from the parking areas to the beach, but much longer on the way back up the steep sand dunes.

What there is to offer:

  • nearest parking in Nicholaston (through Crawley woods) or Penmaen
  • bird and plant life

If you are looking for sand, lots of space and fantastic scenery, maybe this is the place for you. The nearest toilets and place to grab a drink or something to eat is the Oxwich Bay Hotel, some 40 minute walk across the beach. If you don’t fancy the walk there and back, my suggestion is to bring sandwiches and a flask!

A short walk to the East leads to Tor Bay. Oxwich Bay lies to the West.

Tour the Gower Coastline:
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