Brandy Cove is set just to the West of Caswell Bay and being surrounded by rising land on three sides, would have been perfect for smugglers bringing in illicit contraband.

Facilities include:

  • nearest toilets at Caswell Bay
  • nearest parking at Caswell Bay or Bishopston
  • Nearest village is Bishopston

From this bay you can see Caswell in the distance. It is a secluded bay, with many tales of smuggling associated to it, hence the name.
Brandy Cove is more ‘off the beaten track’ than Caswell. You can reach it by walking from Caswell at low tide, or following the paths from the main road in Caswell or Bishopston.

There is no parking specifically for Brandy Cove, the nearest parking being in Caswell or Bishopston, Caswell being the closest.

To the West of Brandy Cove, the footpath leads to Pwlldu Bay, another remote, but pebbly and very beautiful bay.

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