Overton Mere is a rocky plateau surrounded with hills rising high on three sides. The mere is filled with rock pools and a wide variety of birds can be seen swooping from the cliffs to the waters edge.

Not suitable for bathing or water sports as the exposed remnants of bygone wrecks will testify at low tide. Culver Hole is hidden in the cliffs on the eastern side of the mere.

What there is to offer:

Culver Hole is definitely worth a visit if you are interested in a bit of history. This rather unusual cave, between two rock faces has a masonry wall. There is a staircase inside that leads up to four floors. Legend links it to the castle that was reputed to have once stood above the cave and also as a safe hideaway for contraband, but today it is inhabited by pigeons and seagulls.

Culver Hole can be accessed by climbing up a rope into the lower window. This could be considered quite dangerous. If you are really lucky, you’ll choose a day when the tide has washed the stones away from the bottom and then you can clamber underneath, but alas, these are few and far between.

The cliff path that leads West takes you through a breathtaking, extraordinary area of undulating limestone valleys with sheer drops to the sea. The countryside becomes very wild at this point. The path leads to Ramsgrove.

The path leading East takes you over Port Eynon point to Salthouse Mere.

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