Three Cliff Bay is one of the most photographed areas of Gower and is also commonly known as Three Cliffs.

Britain’s favourite view? I’ve got to agree with Katherine Jenkins, it takes my breath away every time…
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See also Pennard Burrows

Three Cliffs is simply stunning. Frequented by horses and their riders who enjoy a good gallop on the beach. Three Cliff itself is a common feature that many climbers head for too.

Spectacular views but not for the feint hearted. Walks up and down steep sand dunes from Pennard and Penmaen, or through the valley bottom from Parkmill.

When the tide is in, it becomes impossible to cross the river heading towards Parkmill, so if you can’t climb the sand dunes, take care not to get cut off as the tide sometimes comes in around the sides of the beach and leaves a sandy island in the middle – but not for long.

Paths lead North to Pennard Burrows, East to Pobbles and West to Tor Bay. Pobbles and Tor Bay are also accessible from the beach at low tide.

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