Covid-19: Swansea Lockdown from 6pm 27/09/20

05th October 2020

Just a quick update about how the recent Swansea lockdown announcement affects holidays and travel in the Swansea and Gower area.

To answer your questions as to whether or not holidaymakers can come on holiday to Swansea and Gower:

The Welsh Government guidelines can be found by following this link:
Tourism is covered under the section “Visiting Places”.

May we draw your attention specifically to the section titled:
“Can I go on holiday in Wales” – a screenshot of which is below:

Please note where they say
“Tourism is hugely important to Wales and there are no legal
restrictions on people travelling to parts of Wales which are
NOT under
these local restrictions.

The conclusion that we draw from all of this is that holidaymakers are not
allowed to come into Gower/Swansea on holiday once the restriction is in place
on Sunday 27/09/20, until such time as the lockdown is lifted again.

Of course, this restriction does not prevent holidaymakers from booking
that they hope will be available at some point later in 2020
or for 2021. Let’s hope that the restrictions can be lifted soon.