Bringing your dog on holiday to the Gower Peninsula

12th October 2017
Pet friendly Gower

Dog friendly Gower

For dog owners, like me, Gower is a fantastic playground to share with our furry friend(s). With miles and miles of uncrowded beaches and open country to explore, it could be the perfect holiday for you both.  Explore dog friendly Gower with me and let me share a few tips with you to make sure that you make the best of your time here.

Gower Beaches

Not all the beaches allow dogs on them all year round. For the information on the dog friendly beaches, click here.

Some of the coastal areas are very rocky and unsuitable for paws. e.g. Crossing to Worms Head, Rhossili, going to Culver Hole in Port Eynon etc. Check the terrain on a map before you set off. Also some of the cliffs are very steep. Make sure your dog doesn’t go too close to the edge.

The Law

Always keep your dog under close control and on a lead when near livestock. Farmers have the legal right to shoot any dogs that they deem to be worrying their stock.

Veterinary Care near the Gower Peninsula

There is a veterinary surgery located in Upper Killay, just off the edge of Gower. They have put together a fact sheet about what to look out for – the hidden dangers of Gower.

Gower Veterinary Surgery has compiled the information so that responsible pet owners can be aware of the potential risks and know what action to take should the worst happen. To get their details and print off their fact sheet, please click here.

Gower Vets is also available to help if your pet is on long term medication and would need to see a vet during the duration of your holiday.

dog friendly gower

This what fun looks like!

If you lose your dog

If the worse happens and you get separated from your pet, there is a local website on which you can post a notice to raise awareness and if your pet is found, people can get in touch with you.  Thankfully, most are reunited very quickly.
Visit: Gower Lost Dogs

Be a responsible dog owner

Finally, it is a privilege not a right, to be able to bring your dog on holiday, so please leave your accommodation as you would expect to find it:

  • Vacuum up your pet’s hair
  • clear up any messages that have been left in the garden
  • do not allow them to get onto the furniture

Some accommodation providers do not take pets anymore because their property has not been respected in the past – which surely is a shame for everyone involved.