Why the top 10 UK beaches poll includes Rhossili & Three Cliffs Bay

22nd February 2018

According to Tripadvisor’s recent visitor poll, Wales is home to three of the top 10 UK beaches.  Two of those; Rhossili Bay and Three Cliffs Bay are both in the Gower Peninsula in South Wales.  Perhaps this shouldn’t come as a surprise since Gower was the first area to be designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK.

Top 10 UK beaches poll includes Rhossili Bay at number 3

Rhossili Bay in the Gower Peninsula came 3rd in the top 10 UK beaches 2018

Award winning Rhossili Bay photographed at the height of season

Rhossili Bay a three mile expanse of sand which sprawls unapologetically along the Western edge of the peninsula was voted third in the poll.   Three Cliffs Bay, its close neighbour, a stunning, sheltered bay with a mixture of natural ecosystems, came in eighth place.

Top 10 UK beaches poll includes Three Cliffs Bay at number 8

Three Cliffs Bay in the Gower Peninsula came 8th in the top 10 UK beaches 2018

The iconic Three Cliffs Bay in Gower came 8th in the top 10 UK beaches

Here are a number of reasons why we at Gower Holidays, believe that both the beach at Rhossili and Three Cliffs Bay rate so popular with visitors year after year.

1. Unspoilt natural beauty

When it comes to picture postcards, there’s little that can rival Rhossili or Three Cliffs.  The surrounding land is largely owned by The National Trust, along with many local landowners.  Together, they work hard to ensure that the scenery remains largely unchanged for years to come.

The natural diversity in landscape from cliffs, sand dunes and a fresh water river meandering into the sea at Three Cliffs and then cliffs, rock pools, a tidal island and a hill rising up majestically from the miles and miles of sand and dunes at Rhossili never fail to take your breath away.

2. They’re great for dogs

Both beaches are dog-friendly all year round, which means that our furry friends can enjoy a paddle or feel the sand between their toes, just as much as we can.

Spectacular sunsets in Rhossili

Sunset over Worms Head, Rhossili, Gower

3. Rhossili’s spectacular sunsets

If its sunsets you’re after, then not much surpasses the beauty of those that we get in Rhossili.  Visitors enjoy our sunsets year round (obviously weather dependent) but they’re particularly awesome during the Winter months.

4. Safe bathing at Rhossili

The shallow waters at Rhossili make it popular with paddlers, swimmers and surfers alike.  Llangennith at the Western end of Rhossili Bay is arguably the surf capital of Wales.

5. Landmarks to explore

Kids of all ages love to explore and what could be better than the shipwrecks of the Helvetia and City of Bristol in Rhossili Bay, the ruins of Pennard Castle, steeped in legend and perched on the hillside overlooking Three Cliffs Bay or the tidal island at Rhossili known as Worms Head which is one of the most photographed landmarks in the world?

The ruins of Pennard Castle are steeped in legend

Many a legend surrounds the ruins of Pennard Castle

6. Proximity to each other

We’re very blessed in that the bays are just 15-20 minutes drive apart, so if you’re staying on or close to the Gower Peninsula you could easily spend a day at each or even visit them both more than once.  There’s a feeling of remoteness and isolation on these beaches and yet Rhossili, the most Western point of the Gower Peninsula is only a 30 minute drive from Swansea.

They’re on the Wales Coast Path (the route which circumnavigates the Welsh coastline) so if you’re planning on following the Wales Coast Path in the Swansea and Gower area,  you’re sure to visit each in turn.

7. Ultimate picnic spots

Finally, when surrounded by such natural beauty, why wouldn’t you want just to sit back and take it all in?

…so bring out your thermos and your sandwiches and simply admire the views while you enjoy your lunch.

A perfect spot for a picnic?

Looking inland towards Pennard Castle over Three Cliffs Bay

If there aren’t enough reasons there to convince you, then we’ll say just one more thing and that is that the beaches of Rhossili and Three Cliffs are just two of twenty eight great beaches in the area.  Ranging from secluded pebbly coves like Pwlldu Bay, to family friendly, easy access ‘bucket and spade’ beaches like Port Eynon beach, Caswell and Oxwich Bay.  There really is something to suit everyone.

If your curiosity has been aroused then why not come to Gower and see for yourself?  We’ve an extensive range of self-catering cottages, bed and breakfast establishments and other types of accommodation to suit all budgets and requirements – and all booked directly with the owners.
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